About Me

I am Dr Noelle Omesham Chuks-Eboka. I hold a PhD in Development Studies from SOAS University of London with a focus on gender, disciplinary practices, education and child protection, a master’s degree in International Development management with distinction from the University of Westminster United Kindgom and a BSc in Economics.

My work and academic research interests are in gender, education structures, processes and relations particularly in exploring institutionalised violence in education settings, the reproduction of these systems in postcolonial African contexts and broader education and child right policy frameworks aimed at addressing violence. I have over 10 cumulative years of research experience and have worked in research organisations in the UK and Nigeria. I have also occupied executive positions at NGOs and founded an organisation, Education for Purpose Initiative (E4P) in 2017  that is focused on tackling violence in schools  in Nigeria through the promotion of positive disciplinary methods and supporting out-of-school street-connected children in the areas of education provision, skills acquisition and advocacy. I am also a world economic forum global shaper for the Port Harcourt Hub.

My mission with this platform is three-fold, first to showcase my academic research work, publications, upcoming books and activism on gender, education, international development, violence and child right. Second, to guide the next generation of young academics by sharing my personal journey to getting a doctorate degree before 30 and providing free resources and consultancy services to ensure that prospective and current postgraduate and doctoral students can achieve excellence and make the right choices to ensure that their degrees are relevant and useful to them. Third, to guide individuals and organisations interested in making a difference through humanitarian efforts get started and establish strong founding structures and systems. 

My core strengths and skills include research and analysis, idea development and strategy. My core values that influence my life and work are; excellence, tenacity, faith, impact and humility.